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Perkins Participates in Belmont in Hollywood Program

Motion pictures major sees career in film storytelling as reminder of beauty in life

WeeklySummerStudent.Perkins-2Rising senior and motion pictures major Lindsey Perkins is currently studying abroad in London, but her return flight will not take her to the comforts of home. Rather, she will be traveling to Hollywood, where she will spend June and July learning the ins and outs of the film industry through the university’s new Belmont in Hollywood program.

Students participating in the program will stay together while completing internships providing hands-on industry experience. Perkins’s internship will involve analyzing scripts and working on the ground floor in the industry. She will also take the Media Makers course, and participate in a weekly dinner with an industry professional. Additionally, students will attend festivals displaying soon-to-be-released film equipment, like cameras and lenses.

Perkins described her excitement, as well as her nerves, for this unique opportunity as an invaluable chance to get a first hand look into her future career. “The experience is a once in a lifetime thing that gives such a unique and special opportunity to really jump into the film industry… It’s forcing me to be brave and adventurous and learn a whole new level of trusting God, and as hard as that is, it’s the most beautiful thing to be in the midst of.  I’m so excited to be in the heart of the movie industry and give all I’ve got to being an intern and a student. It will be full to the brim of learning, growing and adventures.”

When she applied for the program, Perkins was interviewed by Internship Coordinator Selise Eiseman and Department Chair Will Akers to showcase her dedication and ability to represent Belmont. After being chosen, she went through an internship “bootcamp,” where students were taught the basics of analyzing scripts at an industry standard, what to expect and the do’s and don’ts, among other things. Because she is studying abroad in London, Perkins completed the eight straight hours of non-stop preparation over a Skype session.

After graduation, Perkins dreams of working in the film industry as a writer and at a production level, making movies that tell meaningful stories and a positive difference. “I honestly would do anything if I felt like it’s where God needed me. He just so happened to make me with a huge love of telling stories and grabbing a camera to capture them. I think film is an incredibly powerful medium that captures people’s attention and gives them something to invest in for an hour and a half. My goal is that when someone finishes a film, they’ve been reminded that their heart beats for a beautiful reason,” she said.

Perkins would first like to take part in creating films, then move to creating a production company that tells the story of non-profits. “I think that’d be a unique and impactful way to get the word out about the hurting parts of the world and what people are doing about it,” she said. But of course, she adds, she will make a great “rom-com” while she is at it.

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