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O’More Alumni Selected as Designers for House Beautiful Magazine’s Concept Home

Belmont O’More interior design alumni Evan Millard, Betsy Trabue and Lauren Moore–partners in Modern Remains interior design studio–were recently selected to contribute with other designers to House Beautiful magazine’s second annual Whole Home Concept House in Nashville.

Millard said, “We are humbled and thankful for the chance to not only design one room but three. While we’ve individually been designing for some time, we didn’t expect to have this opportunity so shortly after coming together as Modern Remains. To be included amongst some of the top in our industry is truly an honor.”

The nearly 6,000 sq. ft. home will be constructed in the English Arts and Crafts style and created in partnership with Castle Homes. Other designers involved in the project include Amy Berry, Barclay Butera, Joy Huber and Rachel Haag of Castle Homes, Chenault James, Dani Arps, Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of Forbes+Masters, Kristine Paige Kamenstein of Jackson Paige Interiors, Matthew Quinn and Richard Anuszkiewicz of Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Studio, and Vern Yip

The interior designers are challenged to provide their design expertise to create a home that is beautiful and with the intention to promote happier, healthier and smarter living. The Whole Home Concept House will debut in Nashville in tandem with the brand’s November 2019 issue, which hits newsstands on October 17, 2019.

“At House Beautiful, we believe your home should work for you – bringing you joy, helping you reconnect with family and recover from external stresses,” said Carisha Swanson, senior editor and market director. “This house will illustrate these concepts through layout, product, and inspiration, providing actionable ideas that readers and visitors can implement in their own homes. I look forward to seeing this exceptional group of designers bring these ideas to life and transform these spaces into more than just beautiful rooms.”

Modern Remains will deliver a top floor media room that acts as a central zone for game and movie nights, plus they are creating a breakfast area off the main kitchen and a landing area on the second floor. Millard noted, “While designing three rooms in such a short period of time will be a challenge, we believe there is strength in numbers. We will collaborate on each design, divide and conquer while leaning on each others strengths. We will pay close attention to how each space functions with each layout being beautiful and functional for a family.”

“The Breakfast Room will be a be a happy and energetic place to start your day,” he continued. “It will feature a bright and cheerful color palette filled with shades of pink, red & orange. We envision the Media Room to feel cozy and calm. It will be consist of a dark monochromatic palette layered with multiple textures and tones. It’ll be the room where you want to kick back and relax. As you enter the second floor, the Stair Landing will not only bridge the public and private spaces of the home, it will also be a space all of its own. Furnished as an intimate seating area, we envision this space filled with a carefully chosen selection of furnishings and art.”

House Beautiful will take their audience inside the home with an exclusive web series launching on when the issue hits newsstands. Each episode will focus on a single designer and showcase the before, during and after of their design process, including decision-making, design plans and shopping for the home. The web series will also offer viewers a chance to hear first-hand how designers solve problems, including repurposing rooms that are rarely used, and how to create a private home office to maximize work productivity.

House Beautiful’s Whole Home Concept House will be open for tours daily October 18 through November 3 in the historic Belle Meade area of Nashville. The beautiful English Arts & Crafts style home will promote happier, healthier, and smarter living and is being built by Castle Homes in partnership with ten designers from across the United States benefiting the Nashville Symphony. Tickets will be available via

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