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Wrights Kicks Off 2009-10 Belmont and Beyond Series

cliffwright.jpgRev. Cliff Wright, senior pastor of Brentwood United Methodist Church, kicked off Belmont and Beyond this week, a convocation series meant to inspire and prepare Belmont students for the transition from college. More than 250 students were in attendance.
The presentation, titled “Journey to a Meaningful Life,” focused on the topic of finding a life of purpose and meaning. Wright discussed his own personal journey to find his purpose and gave the audience five questions that students should ask themselves as they are making life-planning decisions: 1) What are you passionate about? 2) What do you avoid like the plague? 3) Is money sidetracking you? 4) What do you want to be remembered for? 5) Who is your audience (i.e. if it is not God, you are playing to the wrong crowd).
Additional Belmont and Beyond convocations this year will address topics such as resume and interview prep, grad school prep, money management and life planning. Click here for more information.

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