Wollaber Article Reports on Efforts to Improve Nursing Education Clinical Placements Process

Development of an On-line Clinical Placement Program, an article by Dr. Debra Wollaber, Dean of the School of Nursing at Belmont University, was published in the December-January issue of Healthcare Heartbeat, the newsletter of the Tennessee Center for Nursing. The article looks at the proposed development of a regional centralized on-line clinical placement program to enhance nursing education in middle Tennessee.

“Currently there is no mechanism to determine how many clinical sites are available in the middle Tennessee region. Each School of Nursing makes requests to the typically “tried and true” clinical facilities with which they traditionally have worked. The clinical agencies have worked to accommodate the requests but have felt the effects of the increased demands of nursing education,” writes Wollaber, explaining the need for an online resource to streamline clinical placements of nursing students. Wollaber is the immediate past president of the Tennessee Center for Nursing and a leader in expanding and improving nursing education in Tennessee.
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