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WKRN’s Holt Tells Students How To Anchor A Career in News

holt01.jpgAnne Holt, longtime anchor for WKRN News 2 in Nashville, spoke about life in the television news business as the guest speaker today for the New Century Journalism Speakers Series at Belmont University. The series has brought a variety of local and national journalists to campus to speak to journalism students about the industry. Holt, who has worked at WKRN for nearly 30 years – since before most students at Belmont were born – after first getting her start at a Knoxville television station, spoke for several minutes about how she got started in TV news, why its important to be flexible, the balancing act between being in TV news and being a mom, why students should do as many internships as they can, and how she’s survived 30 years at the same station through many ownership and management changes.

holt02.jpgHolt, WKRN’s primary anchor since 1980, has received countless awards and honors from UPI, American Women in Radio and TV, several colleges and universities and has been named Outstanding Woman of the Year. In 1994, she was awarded the Jerry Thompson Communicator’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” from NCCJ. Anne was also honored in 1994 with the Donald G. Hileman Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Tennessee College of Communications.
The series is sponsored by the New Century Journalism program in the Media Studies department at Belmont

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