Viral Video Launches Alumni Benji, Jenna Cowart into National Spotlight

Benji CowartBelmont alumni Benji (’96) and Jenna (’95) Cowart made headlines and national TV this week with their music video response to the popular “Rude” single by Canadian reggae band Magic! The creative cover is in response to “Rude,” a song in which the singer asks a father’s permission to marry his daughter and then questions the father’s refusal, noting “Why you gotta be so rude?… I’m gonna marry her anyway.”

Cowart, a father of three, wanted to provide the father’s perspective and offered a humorous, acoustic response that has scored national attention. In addition to a story in The Tennessean, the Cowarts have been featured in USA Today, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Huffington Post and The video is approaching six million views on YouTube, and the couple has now added a higher quality version for download on iTunes.