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Vicksburg Post profiles women’s basketball assistant coach

The June 29 Vicksburg Post profiles Belmont women’s basketball associate coach Donna Brown:

All the kids stare at Donna Brown. From the moment the whistle falls from her mouth, their gazes are fixed on her, anxiously awaiting her words.
The fiery Brown barks out instructions, and the kids follow them without question.
To some, the charismatic coach could appear intense and ruthless, but then she follows it up with some horseplay and joking, putting any notion of seriousness aside. This two-faced combination has served Brown well through her years of coaching basketball.
Brown excelled on the court in her days at Vicksburg High and turned her basketball beginning into a career. After spending four years as a starter for Mississippi State, she took up an assistant coaching job at Belmont University in Nashville.
Her success there will lead her to a promotion next week to associate head coach, Belmont head coach Tony Cross said.

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