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Speech/Debate Team Outshines Competition

The Belmont University Speech and Debate team outshined the competition at “The Mule,” a tournament hosted by the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Mo.  The tournament consisted of separate debate and individual events competitions.

Debate Tournament:
Chris Carlevato & Jenni Gustafson, 1st place team – Novice Parliamentary Debate
Chris Carlevato – 6th place individual speaker
Jenni Gustafson – 5th place individual speaker

1st Half of Swing:

Matthew Roberts:
·        Extemporaneous Speaking, 4th
·        Informative, 2nd
·        Communication Analysis, 1st
·        Pentathlon (overall speaker):  3rd

Nicole Bright:
·        Poetry, 1st
·        After Diner Speaking, 1st
·        Duo Interpretation, 4th
·        Programmed Oral Interpretation, 1st
·        Prose, 3rd
·        Impromptu, (tab error kept her out of finals.  Was 2nd place seed, though)
·        Pentathlon (overall speaker): 1st

Eric Schoen:
·        Dramatic Interpretation, 2nd
·        Informative, 1st
·        Programmed Oral Interpretation, 2nd
·        Duo Interpretation, 2nd
·        Impromptu, 3rd
·        Pentathlon (overall speaker), 2nd

Katie Callaway:
·        Duo Interpretation, 2nd & 4th
·        Dramatic Interpretation, 5th
·        Prose Interpretation, 2nd

Megan Jack:
·        Persuasive, 4th
·        Poetry Interpretation, 7th

Bryan Meehan:
·        Impromptu, 4th

Jenni Gustafson:
·        Impromptu, 6th
·        Persuasion, 6th

Cory Baldwin:
·        After Dinner Speaking, 6th
·        Prose Interpretation, 5th

Team Award
1.  Belmont            219 points
2. Sterling            141 points
3.  El Paso             121 points

2nd half of the Swing

Matthew Roberts
·        Extemporaneous Speaking, 5th
·        Informative Speaking, 5th
·        Communication Analysis, 1st
·        Programmed Oral Interpretation, 6th
·        After Dinner Speaking, 3rd
·        Pentathlon, 3rd

Nicole Bright
·        Poetry Interpretation, 3rd
·        After Dinner Speaking, 1st
·        Duo Interpretation, 1st
·        Programmed Oral Interpretation,1st
·        Prose Interpretation,5th
·        Pentathlon, 1st

Eric Schoen
·        Dramatic Interpretation, 1st
·        Informative, 1st
·        Programmed Oral Interpretation, 4th
·        Duo Interpretation, 4th
·        Pentathlon, 2nd

Katie Callaway
·        Duo Interpretation, 1st & 4th
·        Dramatic Interpretation, 4th
·        Prose Interpretation, 2nd
·        Poetry Interpretation, 2nd

Megan Jack
·        Persuasive Speaking, 3rd

Jenni Gustafson
·        Impromptu Speaking, 5th
·        Persuasive Speaking, 5th

Cory Baldwin
·        After Dinner Speaking, 7th

Overall Team
1. Belmont                        195
2.  El Paso                           104
3.  Western KY                 75

Team Awards, Overall Weekend:
1. Belmont                        414
2.  El Paso                           225
3. Sterling                          180

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