Turkish Students Visit Belmont

turkish groupBelmont University hosted several Turkish law students and professors on campus this week. Eighteen Meliksah University students, their law school dean and a law professor stayed in Bruin Hills and listened to Belmont professors’ lectures on U.S. law and government. They also had several cultural activities and weekend visits to nearby Atlanta, Ga. and Chattanooga, Tenn.

“Why do we do this? To promote international education exchange, this is the soft diplomacy of international relations and it works,” said Kathryn Skinner, director of International Student Services. “They have had an amazing first time to Belmont and (the United States) getting to know how we live,  learn,work and play.”

The group has been friends of Belmont for some time. Belmont history professor Daniel Schafer has led Belmont students on study abroad trips to Kayseri, Turkey for three consecutive years to learn with Meliksah University students.