Towering Achievement: Belmont University hosts major exhibit of works by master sculptor Frederick Hart – Nashville Scene

The Nashville Scene provides a wonderful in-depth look at the exhibition of sculpture by Frederick Hart currently at Belmont University’s Leu Art Gallery.

“I was convinced I was destined to do this,” master sculptor Frederick Hart (1943-1999) once said of his “Creation Sculptures,” commonly held to be the most important commissioned religious sculptures in 20th century America. This body of work represents an extraordinary artistic achievement by any standard and forms the stunning centerpiece of a new exhibit at Belmont University’s Leu Art Gallery. This is the largest showing of Hart’s sculptures ever staged. The 50 bronze, marble, resin and acrylic pieces span the artist’s career, offering insights into his creative and technical processes as well as the ideals that informed his work: beauty, meaning, substance, scholarship and craftsmanship.

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Here is the press release.