Students Visit US Space and Rocket Center for Linked Cohort Class

Student pose at the US Space and Rocket Center for a class excursion

Students in Dr. Krista McBride’s Physics and Dr. Maggie Monteverde’s Science Fiction Linked Cohort Class (LCC) visited the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday, February 11. While there, the group was given a guided tour of the Davidson Center for Space Exploration, which houses a giant Saturn V rocket of the type that sent men to the moon, among  many other artifacts from the space program.

They also saw a film about the manned Mars mission scheduled for 2032 and had the opportunity to walk through a mock-up of the International Space Station. The visit gave students the chance to learn about both real-world applications of physics principles, as well as ways science fiction is becoming science fact when it comes to space exploration. The trip was funded by a BellCore LCC instructional grant.