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Students Present Research at Eastern Psychological Association National Conference

Twenty-five Belmont students recently presented their psychological research at the Eastern Psychological Association’s National Conference held in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Drs. Jones, Yandell and Schoenfeld from the Psychological Science department also attended the conference. In addition to attending the conference activities, several students journeyed to the Mütter Museum to see slices of Albert Einstein’s brain and with a short walk past China Town, students toured both the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. There were plenty of cheesesteak adventures to the famous Jim’s. The conference was directly across the street from the historic Reading Terminal Market, boasting a large assortment of foods ranging from Amish danishes to German chocolate.

The student poster presentations covered many disciplines within psychology and was the culmination of these students’ researcy. The students who attended this conference and presented their research posters were Anna Wingo, Aubry Lovell, Bailee Ficzere, Benya Paueksakon, Callie Burns, Daisha Cane, Dallas Mattern, Deja Shaikhutdinov, Eason Taylor, Hannah Johnson, Hope Fenton, John Longnecker, Jordan Hoffman, Kara Garrett, Keli Alden, Libby Day, Lily Tashie, Maddy Clarke Williams, Puti Wen, Rachel Holloway, Ragan Wilson, Reed Priest, Ryan Jensen, Seema Patel and Sielo Coleman.  Presented posters included:

“A validation study of the Belmont altruism measure,” Ryan Jensen, Daisha Cane & John Longnecker

“Dyadic meta-accuracy and perceived motivational accuracy in academic work groups,” Reed Priest

“The impact of trait and state anxiety on emotional interpretation,” Ragan Wilson

“Olfactory cues and spatial navigation in rats,” Aubry Lovell, Kelli Alden & Krista Tice

“Stress response in rats when presented with conflicting versus novel sensory stimuli,” Kara Garrett, Sielo Coleman, Scott Dietz, Benya Paueksakon & Lily Tashie

“Effects of social isolation on behavioral confidence in rats,” Savannah Meech, Hope Fenton, Kaitlin Bayus, Gabby Gonzalez, Marilyn Lauterbach & Cille Taylor

“Effects of environmental enrichment on frustrative-nonreward and subsequent anxiety-like behavior,” Eason Taylor, Bailee Ficzere, Puti Wen, Alejandra Coto, Seema Patel & Jasmine Niazi

“Validation of a new measure of social media fear of missing out,” Madison Williams, Kelli Alden, Libby Day & Callie Burns

“Effect of relaxation techniques on public speaking anxiety,” Jordan Hoffman

“Measuring college student stress response in relation to group dynamics and personality,” Kelli Alden & Madison Williams

“Assessment of physical fitness and physical self-esteem,” Seema Patel, Jasmine Niazi, Hunter Foltz & Austin Townsend

“Walking with tunes: Synchronization of pace to music tempo,” Deja Shaikhutdinov, Cassandra Canaday, Denisha Morris & Janai Todd

“Impression management in assortative mating,” Ryan Jensen

“Personality judgement accuracy on Instagram and Twitter,” Rachel Holloway, Daisha Cane, Ragan Wilson, & Rose Prophete

“Obedience to authority scale: A new self-report measure of obedience,” Hannah Johnson, Daniel Mata, Puti Wen, Dallas Mattern & David Tronsrue

“Criticism instructions and social desirability on grammatical edits,” Anna Wingo, Reed Priest, & Aubry Lovell

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