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Statement From Belmont President Bob Fisher on Virginia Tech Tragedy

fisher.jpgAs the extent of the tragedy at Virginia Tech is revealed, it is important for us to take a moment to remember those students and our partners in higher education who are faced with the aftermath of the senseless violence and killings on their campus. We hope and pray that the students, faculty and staff, families and friends affected by this tragedy will be surrounded by God’s grace and comfort during this terrible time.
I want everyone to know that campus safety and security are of the highest priority to our senior leadership team. We have a broad emergency management plan in place that covers any number of circumstances we might face – from criminals and violence on campus to natural disasters such as tornadoes and snow storms. Additionally, we have been working for the past several months on a system that would allow us to immediately contact all Belmont faculty and staff via e-mail and telephone if such a need were to arise. Today, we sent the first test message to faculty and staff using this new system. We are moving forward in implementing this system campus-wide. While we cannot possibly anticipate and plan against every possible scenario, we have made it a priority to be vigilant in continually making steps that will assist us in keeping our campus environment safe and secure. Please join the Belmont campus in keeping those affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy in your prayers in the coming weeks and months.
Thank you.
Bob Fisher

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