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Speech and Debate Team Compete at Murray State, Receive AFA Honors

The Belmont Speech and Debate team traveled to Murray State University Feb. 4 for a tournament. The team competed against top-ranked schools such as Western Kentucky University, Illinois State and Bradley University. Awards received include

Day 1:
Eric Schoen: 1st Prose Interpretation; 3rd Dramatic Interpretation; 5th Pentathlon (overall competitor)
Nicole Bright: 4th Impromptu Speaking; 1st Poetry Interpretation; 7th Pentathlon (overall competitor)
Matthew Roberts: 1st Imp; 1st Radio Broadcasting; 3rd Extemp; 3rd Pentathlon (overall competitor)
Megan Jack: 4th Novice Dramatic Interpretation; 1st Novice Poetry Interpretation; 1st Novice Persuasive Speaking; 6th Novice Impromptu Speaking; 2nd Pentathlon (overall competitor)
Jenni Gustafson:1st Novice Impromptu Speaking; 1st Novice Communication Analysis; 3rd Novice Persuasion; 5th Novice Extemporaneous Speaking; 5th Novice Radio Broadcasting; 1st Pentathlon (overall competitor)

Team: 3rd Place Overall Team

Day 2:
Eric: 3rd Prose Interpretation; 3rd Dramatic Interpretation; 5th Impromptu Speaking; 3rd Pentathlon (overall competitor)
Nicole: 3rd After Dinner Speaking; 2nd Programmed Oral Interpretation; 4th Pentathlon (overall competitor)
Matthew: 3rd Impromptu Speaking; 1st Extemporaneous Speaking; 1st Radio Broadcasting; 1st Pentathlon (overall competitor)
Megan: 3rd Novice Dramatic Interpretation ; 1st Novice Poetry Interpretation; 3rd Novice Persuasive Speaking; 3rd Radio Broadcasting; 2nd Novice Impromptu; 5th Pentathlon (overall competitor)
Jenni: 1st Novice Persuasive Speaking; 1st Novice Impromptu Speaking; 11th Pentathlon (overall competitor)

Team: 1st in “Small Entry” Division (by over 80 points); 3rd over-all

In other recent Speech and Debate news, team member, Eric Schoen was named as the District 6 (southeast area of the United States) American Forensics Association (AFA) All-American representative. This is a huge honor for Eric and a first of this kind of recognition for Belmont. The award is for seniors composed of three areas: forensic competition, academic achievement, and community service. Eric will be recognized at the AFA national tournament in April. Teammate, Nicole Bright was named as the District 6 AFA student representative and will serve as a liaison between students and coaches in the organization. These positions recognize the high caliber of students from the Speech and Debate team and also exemplifies that Belmont is truly making a name for itself amongst other national speech and debate programs.



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