Slay Published in Journal of Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association

Assistant Professor of Music Business Dr. Cheryl Slay was published in the Journal of Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA). Her article, “Slaying the Starving Artist Paradigm and Teaching Professionalism in the Entertainment Business: The Entertainment Law & Professionalism Clinical Project,” is composed of two distinct parts. The first attempts a definition of professionalism and addresses its importance in entertainment business education. The second portion outlines her clinic at Belmont University

Through the clinic, Slay endeavors to teach students elements of professionalism and also provide legal counsel to those who seek it. Participation in the clinic is voluntary for students, and it takes place each spring. Last year, a total of 10 students were served over the course of the clinic. Since the first clinic took place in 2009, over 40 students have been served. Last year, Slay incorporated Belmont’s College of Law into the program by allowing law students to observe and participate in the legal consultations.

Slay’s passion for the clinic, including the idea to develop it, came from her own participation in a similar legal clinic as a law student. “One of the defining moments of my tenure as a law student was participating as a student attorney in one of the law clinics offered by my alma mater,” she says in the end notes of her article for the MEIEA Journal.