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School of Physical Therapy Presents Student Research

Belmont’s School of Physical Therapy recently held its annual research symposium and poster session featuring research projects from ten student groups. Topics covered were diverse and included projects on pediatrics, geriatrics, dementia, pathology and athletes including swimmers football players, golfers and professional dancers. Projects examined screening, diagnostics and intervention on over 930 subjects.

Presented projects included:

  • “The impact of Kinesio taping® on gait parameters and pain in patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease”
  • “Distance between femoral head and acetabular rim in the Core-Assisted modification of the FABER test”
  • “The Effect of Thigh Angle on Ground Reaction Force and Vertical Jump Height during a Drop Vertical Jump”
  • “The Effect of Dual-Task on Gait Velocity in Geriatric Subjects with Mild to Moderate Cognitive Decline”
  • “A Retrospective Analysis of the Pre-Season Screen Used in a Professional Ballet Company with Recommendations for Improvements in the Screen”
  • “The Impact of Age and Gender on Forward Reach Measures in Typically Developing Children”
  • “Impact of Time on Post Warm Up Club Head Speed in Low Handicap Golfers”
  • “Spinal Accessory Nerve Conduction Recording from Upper and Middle Trapezius”
  • “Pre and Post-Season Child-SCAT3 Test Results Based on Contact Versus Non-Contact Sports Participation”
  • “A Comparison of the Effects of Neuromuscular Electrical   Stimulation and Stretching on Hamstring Extensibility”

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