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Scarlett Leadership Institute Hosts Cam Marston on Campus

camCOLOR.jpgThe Scarlett Leadership Institute at Belmont University hosted generational expert Cam Marston for a special, invitation-only appearance Wednesday in the Frist Lecture Hall. Marston, founder and president of Generational Insight, is a consultant, author and speaker who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses throughout the world to improve multigenerational relations and communications.
During his hour-long lecture Marston compared and contrasted the Matures (born prior to 1946), the Baby Boomers (1946-64), Generation X (1965-79) and the Millennials (born since 1980). In describing characteristics of each era, Marston noted that economic situations contribute to forming each generation’s personality. “Parents want their children to have things they didn’t have. In an age of affluence, that means options.” This, in part, can lead to the delayed adulthood and “what’s in it for me” attitude seen in Generation X and the Millennials.
In the workplace, Marston suggested it was important to keep different traits in mind, especially when working with diverse age ranges. With issues that arise due to generational differences, he noted, “Ninety percent of the solution is understanding your own bias.”
Marston has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Entrepreneur Magazine and Money Magazine, among others. In addition to his presentations, workshops and targeted coaching, Marston has written a book on his findings titled Motivating the “What’s In It For Me” Workforce: Managing Across the Generational Divide.

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