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reverbmedia Opens Tonight

Student-run Business a Unique Learning Lab for Business Students
reverbmedia, a student-created, student-run store that specializes in selling (and buying) used CDs, used DVDs and recorded music from current Belmont students and Belmont alumni, will open tonight in Curb Event Center retail space along Belmont Boulevard. The store, the second student-operated business in the Curb Event Center, is operated by the Belmont University Entrepreneurship Club. It began as the brainchild of several Entrepreneurship Club members who wanted to capitalize on the university’s musical atmosphere.
The Grand Opening celebration runs from 5 to 9 p.m., Friday, March 19th and will include free refreshments and live entertainment.
reverb.jpgreverbmedia provides Belmont University students studying business an excellent real-world learning lab to gain practical business experience. Members of the Entrepreneurship Club have ample opportunities through reverbmedia to participate in every part of operating a business, including marketing, publicity, accounting, human resources, operations management, sales, information systems, strategic management, design and logistics.

“We have so many people who love music in this school, and in this town, that a music store just seemed natural,” says Jessica Phillips, a Belmont student and general manager for reverbmedia.
“This is the university that supports students’ business educations by giving them the opportunity to practice real-world entrepreneurship,” says student and Entrepreneurship Club member Joe Drake, who helped launch reverbmedia.
Phillips calls the project “an amazing opportunity for those who are interested in business and who have a passion for music,” and says the store “is also an important vehicle to make greater Nashville aware of the unbelievable talent here at Belmont.”
“We are extremely grateful to and proud of Belmont University and the Entrepreneurship program for taking such a bold step,” Phillips said. “Most students only dream of gaining this kind of working experience before they graduate. This is a golden opportunity that most colleges simply do not offer.”
Student Heather Stohl, who joined the Entrepreneurship Club just last month, marvels at the opportunity she’s had to participate in the launch of a real new business. “I am in charge of finishing the interior of the store. I wasn’t expecting to be so involved, but it has been great to jump in and be part of a growing program here at Belmont. It has been a great experience for me, and I am enjoying it more and more every day!”
reverbmedia is located on Belmont Blvd, just south of the Curb Caf

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