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PLA Media Publicity and Marketing Professionals Visit Curb College

The Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business recently held a seminar featuring publicity and marketing professionals from PLA Media, a public relations firm based in Nashville. Pam Lewis, the company’s president and owner, Sara Shannon, publicity and social media coordinator and songwriter Alyssa Bonagura each shared their experiences working in the music industry with a focus on the characteristics they felt most prepared them for success.

Lewis discussed her journey of going from majoring in economics and marketing to helping launch MTV to working in artist management with big names like Garth Brooks. She advised students that they never know who is going to walk through the door next, so they should always put their best foot forward. Bonagura shared her success story leading up to having the opportunity to open for Ringo Star and The Who and having an original song recorded by Steven Tyler. Shannon received her start by creating a blog during her time as a college student out of frustration of the lack of coverage that country music received in Chicago, which ultimately caught the interest of industry professionals. She emphasized the importance of always being open to new opportunities and staying confident in one’s work.

Lewis concluded the panel discussion by encouraging students to make their own opportunities instead of waiting for possible opportunities to come to them.

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