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O’More Faculty, Alumni Participate in Pop-Up Shop, Greetings from Nashville

Faculty and alumni from Belmont’s O’More School of Design are prominently featured in Greetings from Nashville, a pop-up shop project in Brooklyn throughout month of October. Created by Nashville-based comprehensive PR company The Callaway, Greetings from Nashville highlights local talent from the city by hand-picking Nashville’s more representative work. O’More Adjunct Instructor and alumna Ashley Balding, of Ona Rex and alumni Jamie Frazier & Hannah Jones, of Jamie and the Jones, are participating in the pop-up shop.


Balding was immediately interested in the project after receiving an invitation to participate. In honor of the shop, she created a new color for her classic Galaxy Pendant, a hand-sculpted piece made in house. “My pendant has been with me since practically my very first collection,” she said. “I do a small run of them with each collection in a color that fits the mood of what I’m inspired by. It’s essentially a small, wearable sculpture that is always completely unique.”

The pop-up’s creation is a golden, orange-yellow pendant that was inspired by Balding’s Fall/Winter collection, based on the Western Frontier and Americana. “The color reminded me of the warm glow of the sun that paints the western landscape,” she said.

Balding got involved in fashion design when she realized that her interest in 3-D art forms could combine with her love of style. After returning to school at O’More, she went on to earn her degree in fashion design, all while working as a seamstress for a hat and tie maker Otis James. As she honed her sewing skills, she realized her passion for womens wear and knew she wanted to develop her own line. “I started Ona Rex in 2014, a year after graduating from O’More, and the rest is history.”

The brand seeks to provide Nashville, and beyond, with a reason to feel bold. “I’m very passionate about using bright colors and sculpting shapes to the body,” she said. “I love when a garment design pushes you to think differently, and I love it even more when it creates a feeling of other-worldliness when you wear it. There is enough darkness in our world – I would like to provide my customer with some light.”

Greetings from Nashville will be on display in Brooklyn through the end of October and can be followed here.

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