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New Heights Reached at AES Seminar

Belmont’s AES Chapter recently hosted a seminar that included audio professionals Dr. Sungyoung Kim and Hiraku Okumura. Kim is a resident teacher of engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, and Mr. Okumura is an engineer for the Yamaha Corporation. The two came to meet at Yamaha while working in the division tasked with discovering how people listen to music.

The seminar featured a brief overview of what height channels are and how they are created, along with several demonstrations.

Kim explained height channels as an “illusion of construction that is purely dependent upon the listener. Height can be created with two channels or twenty-four.” As long as the channel provided the possibility for someone to perceive height from the current inputs, Kim deemed the track as a success.

The two then went over how they create virtual height within sound through AFC, active field control and TLF, the creation of height using multiple microphones and speakers. TLF stands for thin light flexible loudspeaker which provides the possibility for sounds to come off screens, thus using the surroundings as an amplifier.

The seminar concluded with students participating in a survey which recorded their reactions to auditory height channels or perceived height channels.

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