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New Global Trade Software Beta-Tested at Belmont

Nashville City Paper profiles CentradeX, a new global trade tracking software application that was beta-tested at Belmont University – and is now available to Belmont students through BIC’s online library resources.

The technology certainly has some devout believers, chief among them Dr. Howard Cochran, a professor of economics and management at Belmont University’s Massey School of Business. Cochran helped develop and beta-test the data-mining software, which “knits together many separate databases” into a single searchable resource.
“Jaws just dropped when we demonstrated it,” Cochran said of the technology’s latest and marketable version. “This is, by far, the easiest and most intuitive-to-use iconographic interface.”

CentradeX plans to sell subscriptions and licenses to use its searchable database, which compiles information from state, federal and international records, to companies, universities and anyone involved in international trade. Thompson hopes to reach revenues of close to $1 million this year.
There should be no shortage of potential customers since, according to Cochran, businesses that export grow four times faster than those that do not.

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