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Musicians and Artist Managers Speak to Belmont Students

Students filled Belmont’s Johnson Theatre on Feb. 1 to hear artist-writers Scott Stevens, Alex Kline and Erin Enderlin describe how they set up their teams. Students also heard about understanding the overarching picture of management from Kathryn Graham and Brandon Perdue of Catch This Music.

This dual focus allowed students to delve into their passions and ask pertinent questions on topics that piqued their interest as an artist or manager.

For those seeking an artist’s perspective on management, Enderlin provided a critical piece that almost every artist needs-when you’re smaller you often have to wear “many hats,” since there will not be a lot of supporters or record labels at your door. The artist management models taught in Survey of Music Business, “don’t happen until you get to be a major artist,” Enderlin said.

But wearing all hats doesn’t mean certain ones can’t be removed. As Stevens put it, “You can wear all the hats, but delegation is key.”  In the end, one’s artistry and music should come first.

The manager panelists described how they aren’t just managers, but are actually involved in booking, royalties, writing and numerous other areas of the music industry. Graham stressed that before she was working on Stevens’s team, she was running royalties at Clearbox and  still helps out with royalties. This illustrated to students how management roles are not rigid, but incredibly flexible.

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