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Micky ScottBey Jones Wraps Up Faith and Culture Symposium

Contemplative activist Micky ScottBey Jones recently wrapped up the fourth annual Faith and Culture Symposium as the last speaker in a week-long series of faith-based discussions. In her talk, Jones brought up the idea of salvation as a process that is constantly unfolding and mentioned how that process has worked in her own life to evolve her faith. Some of her salvation moments have come through learning about nonviolence from Nashville civil rights leader James Lawson Jr. and through taking a class on African American studies at MTSU. She explained that moments of salvation don’t always look like they will offer a promise of revolution.

After Jones’s discussion, students had the opportunity to ask questions about the most influential non-violent tactics that can be used to create change in the current state of the world. Jones advised those wishing to speak out against injustice to understand where their talents best fit and commit themselves there. She told students to recognize their personal limits and know exactly why they are joining a movement. Jones ended by advising students that anger felt towards a situation or group is just a symbol that something they love is being threatened. The greatest success comes from focusing on that love instead of the anger that sometimes stems from it.

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