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Message from Dr. Fisher Regarding Union University

As I’m sure you all know, our friends at Union University were hit by a devastating tornado last evening that has destroyed much of the campus housing and damaged several academic buildings. Thankfully, no lives were lost and injuries appear to not be life-threatening. There will be a host of people and organizations that rise up to be a part of Union’s recovery and it is our intention that Belmont will be one of those organizations.
We envision that the recovery needs will be both immediate and long-term. Several of our leaders met with me today and we are developing an assistance plan that we will offer. We have already invited President Dockery to tell us what we can do. Several of our leaders have been in contact with their counterparts at Union with offers to help. We are seeking contact with the TBC Emergency Response Team to learn how we will be able to partner with them in this tragedy. Trustee Jon Roebuck has offered the Woodmont Bus for transportation. I am sincerely touched by the spirit that is being expressed. VP for Spiritual Development, Dr. Todd Lake, and the Campus Ministry Team along with the Dean of the School of Religion, Dr. Darrell Gwaltney, are coordinating our campus-wide efforts to participate in this recovery.
We send this message to not only let you know what we are doing (as several of you have inquired) but to also invite your ideas and best thinking as to what else we might be able to do. Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions to Dr. Todd Lake at or Dr. Darrell Gwaltney at, and we will see that all of your ideas receive attention.
We often feel helpless when confronted with such devastation and feel as if there is nothing we can do. I hope we will push past that response to realize that there is always some helpful action that we can take if we are willing. Please pray for the people of Union University along with all the others that were impacted by these storms.
Bob Fisher

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