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McEntire’s New Book Explores Bible’s Death Stories

Dr. Mark McEntire, associate professor of religion at the Belmont University School of Religion, explores the themes of violence and death in the narrative books of the Bible in his new book, Dangerous Worlds: Living and Dying in Biblical Texts, just published by Smyth & Helwys Publishing.
McEntire fourth book examines the stories of life and death found in the Bible, which range from gentle death at a good, old age to starvation to brutal murder. These stories, McEntire says, “invite readers to move back and forth between our own stories and those of the Bible, so that we might live and die faithfully in the dangerous world they form together.”
As we live and die in our own dangerous world, the stories of life and death we encounter in the Bible offer us resources for understanding the most difficult aspect of our existence, he says.
McEntire is also the author of The Blood of Abel: The Violent Plot in the Hebrew Bible, and The Function of Sacrifice in Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah. He is co-author, with John H. Tullock, of The Old Testament Story.
He is available for interviews.
You can read the Introduction to the book here.

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