McDowell’s Writing Efforts Being Published

Creative Writing professor and poet Gary L. McDowell has had several poems and essays published recently. These include:

  • Barn Owl Review: “December,” a poem, will appear in issue No. 5
  • Black Tongue Review: poems, “Always Being Born,” “Orderly in a Wheelchair,” and “The Tough Parts,’ will appear in issue No. 3.
  • Burnside Review: “Of Wind,” a poem, in issue No. 7.2
  • Copper Nickel: two poems, “Vasko Popa” and “After Watching Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child,” will appear in issue No. 17
  • Hotel Amerika: a poem, “The Painter Goes for a Swim,” (to be published this winter)
  • The Tusculum Review: three “Dear Obsessions,” “The Windows Are Always Open,” and “Mysteries in a World that Thinks There Are None” in issue No. 8 
  • Mid-American Review: book review, “Review of Carol Guess’s Darling Endagered
  • HTMLGIANT: an essay, “On Using Hybrid Texts to Lead the Creative Writing Classroom: Some Notes Toward a Pedagogy”
  • Ancora Imparo: an essay (and two poems, “Downspout” and “Catholic Parking Lot”), “Some Notes on ‘Downspout’ and ‘Catholic Parking Lot’,” (to be published)
  • Pebble Lake Review: an essay, “Before Daddy Walks Through the Door: On Where I Write”