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Maddox Receives Nursing Scholarship

Megan Maddox, a student in Belmont’s Bachelor’s of Nursing fast track program, was recently awarded a $1,500 scholarship from F.A. Davis, a family-made publishing house. The organization’s first annual award seeks to honor student nurses who exhibit strong academic prowess and passion in the nursing field.

Upon the award’s announcement, the organization received more than 1,300 applications from students enrolled in nursing programs across the country and in Canada. Despite the high numbers of qualified students, F.A. Davis’s Editor-in-Chief of Nursing Jean Rodenberger said Maddox’s application set her apart as she “demonstrated the very special nature of those who have chosen to be nurses. Her story is one that should inspire all of us. With Ms. Maddox leading the way, the future of nursing looks bright.”

A full-time student at Belmont, Maddox keeps herself busy with two jobs and volunteer work at church, Cross Point Community, where she mentors a group of high school girls. Maddox said she is looking forward to graduation, planned for December 2016, so she can make a larger impact on her community and serve her patients holistically. “With my degree, I will not only help people in need, but I hope to speak with patients I encounter about challenges they are not only facing physically, but emotionally and financially,” Maddox said. “In the nursing practice, I want to be able to share my story with everyone and tell them that no matter what the circumstances their story contains, you can achieve your dreams as long as you have the ambition to accomplish them.”

For more information on F.A. Davis’s scholarship opportunities, click here.

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