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Judah and the Lion Members Pass Advice to Students

Judah + the Lion, a band made up of Belmont alumni, visited campus on Feb. 8 to discuss their upcoming release and the band’s beginnings.

The release, “Folk Hop N’ Roll,” is set to come out on March 4. When asked about the album, Judah Akers, the main lyricist and singer for the band, said the album is definitely more honest than “Kids these Days,” a previous album. He said that album is “fun and happy, due to just getting out of college.” Nate Zuercher, banjoist, agreed and said that the sonic change was due to “growth as individuals and as a band.”

After 30 minutes of teasing the new album, the group played one of their songs from it, “Take it All Back.”

Afterwards, Judah + the Lion took their discussion back to their early days as a band. The member discussed the evolution of the band’s image from a clean-cut Christian band to the progressive, Americana folk band heard today.

The band departed after passing along advice for those in management–believe in the project, not the dollar signs. This will lead to an honest devotion of energy to the project and vision, which Judah + the Lion said is critical. For the group, following this formula has allowed management and the artists to blend together to create an unshakable team.

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