Former Belmont Songwriting Consultant Announces Film, Album

Former Belmont Songwriting Consultant Tom Douglas recently announced the release of a Paramount+ film “Love, Tom” along with the accompanying album “Inspired By the motion Picture Love, Tom.” The film goes through Douglas’s creative process and hardships experienced during his career as a songwriter. 

“I received a letter from a desperate young songwriter asking for advice. I did what any good songwriter does: I wrote him back… ‘Dear friend, you ask me why am I here? We all got here the same way, I suppose —we followed the song… We have a gift and with it comes an immense responsibility. Mine is really a story of failure. I wanted to give up, but I can’t give up on something that I love. You can’t either,” Douglass told Vanity Fair.

Both the film and the album will premiere on February 24. Read more about Douglass’ recent project on and Vanity Fair.