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Foreign Language Department Celebrates Annual International Potluck Dinner

The Department of Foreign Languages celebrated the annual International Potluck Dinner at the Bruins Clubhouse on Sept. 16. This event organized by the German professor Regine Schwarzmeier brought together Belmont faculty and students from many countries and languages for an evening of conversation and international cuisine.

Department chairman David C. Julseth requested the cooks introduce themselves and give a brief description of the dish they prepared and its country of origin.  Some of the many dishes sampled that evening included German Käsespätzle and Rote Grütze, French mini-éclairs and tarte aux pommes, Japanese Sushi, Argentine Puchero stew, Spanish Tortilla, Mexican Guacamole, Hungarian Chicken, Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings), Mung Bean Noodles and Chinese spring rolls and fried rice.

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