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Faculty Members Present at Lilly Conference

Belmont was well-represented at the 29th International Lilly Conference on College Teaching held Nov. 19-22 on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. A group of eight Belmont faculty members traveled to the conference, which is considered the premier U.S. conference on college teaching and learning.
Drs. Jeff Coker (assistant provost), Bonnie Smith (English) and Kristine LaLonde (honors) presented a session titled “The Art of Arguing With Ourselves: Reflecting on Institutions, Teaching and Leadership After Hosting a Presidential Debate.” The presentation reflected the somewhat unexpected ways hosting the 2008 presidential debate impacted curricula, personal values and actions, and even an understanding of evidence-based teaching and learning.
Drs. Pete Giordano (psychology) and Mike Pinter (mathematics) offered a session on “Ethics in Teaching: From Case Examples to Classroom Practice,” which included a variety of case scenarios dealing with pedagogical situations where ethical dilemmas are at play. Some of these cases addressed “nuts and bolts” components of teaching while others included complex teaching situations encountered in courses such as a first-year seminar class, when faculty may be expected to teach in ways that are outside their disciplinary or pedagogical areas of expertise.
Drs. Alison Moore (chemistry) and Darlene Panvini (biology) shared their experience with capstone courses in their presentation “Implementing College-Level General Education Senior Capstones Across the University.” Three basic course models were presented as case studies to exemplify a “one size does not fit all” approach to implementing a general education requirement for Senior Capstones. Goals of the capstone, rationale for having capstones designed and implemented at the college-level, general elements required in all courses and the process of development and approval for individual courses were considered.
Dr. Merrie King (Teaching Center Director) participated in a half-day pre-conference workshop on “Peak Performance Practices of Highly Effective and Happy Faculty.” This practical, interactive workshop was based on studies of faculty productivity, peak performance, work-life balance and work satisfaction. It distilled the work habits and practices of the most successful and engaged academics.

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