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Dr. Steve Murphree Talks Insects

TNP MurphreeDr. Steve Murphree, professor of biology and entomologist, has been out in the community recently talking about insects. On Oct. 4 Murphree gave  table presentations about “Insects and Disease in the Civil War” at the Civil War Surgeon display of Tom and Nancy Wood in Pioneer Village as part of the Granville, Tennessee Fall Festival event. In late September, he offered an “Insects and Disease in the Civil War” table presentation for elementary school children at The Historic Sam Davis Home and Plantation’s Heritage Days event. On Sept. 13, he led a Tennessee Naturalist Program workshop at Owl’s Hill Nature Center. The session was titled “World of Invertebrates: Pollinators, Predators, Pests and Parasitoids,” and the participants learned about the characteristics and life cycles of insects, the identification of insects using keys, methods of collecting and observing insects and other arthropods, identifying other arthropods (spiders, isopods, mites, etc.), and the ecological roles of arthropods.

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