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Dr. Cornwall Elected USASBE Fellow

Dr. Jeff Cornwall, director of the Belmont Center for Entrepreneurship, has been elected as a “Fellow” of the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The USASBE is the nation’s largest organization supporting public policy and academic folks with an interest in Entrepreneurship.

The USASBE Fellows is a group elected from among the organization’s membership based on dedicated service and outstanding contribution to the organization. Areas of excellence considered in the selection process include: Advocacy for entrepreneurship and small business management nationwide; national recognition a scholar and/or researcher in entrepreneurship and small business management; demonstrated excellence as an outstanding teacher, lecturer and presenter in entrepreneurship and small business management; and service to USASBE. Currently, there are only 23 living and active USASBE fellows nationwide. The selection was made at the USASBE’s annual meeting in mid-January in Tucson, Arizona.
Dr. Cornwall, professor of management, writes a daily weblog, The Entrepreneurial Mind, about the opportunities and obstacles for entrepreneurs and about public policy issues that impact entrepreneurs, drawing on both his academic expertise and his experience of having founded and built a health care company. recently named the blog, which also highlights entrepreneurial success stories and discusses entrepreneurship education, to its “Best of the Web” list.
Center for Entrepreneurship
Belmont’s Center for Entrepreneurship offers a hands-on approach to help you hit the ground running, thanks to its co-curricular environment. Student entrepreneurs are given the opportunities to work in student-run retail spaces on campus or develop their own business ventures with the support of their professors. This hands-on approach equips students with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to be a successful entrepreneur.
The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship was founded in 1957 as the International Council for Small Business, and is a comprehensive organization of outstanding researchers, scholars, teachers, administrators, and public policy makers interested in entrepreneurship and small business. The USASBE includes government officials, directors of small business development centers, and academics in fields like finance, marketing, management, and economics united by their common interest in entrepreneurship and small business. As leaders in their fields, USASBE members are making an impact on government policy and on the development of small business and entrepreneurship. USASBE’s forward-looking members are determined to remain on the cutting edge of research; they are extending the field of knowledge and shaping entrepreneurial thinking for the 21st Century.

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