Doeg Produces Documentary ‘One Vote’ Before Upcoming Election

Scene from documentary, One Vote

Belmont Adjunct English Professor Christine Doeg recently produced a new documentary about the American voter that just launched nationwide on various platforms. The documentary, “One Vote,” “bears hopeful witness to the humanity and rich diversity of American voters, and to the unsung stories that comprise our exercise of democracy.”

Filmed entirely on Election Day of 2016, the documentary was filmed in five locations with the intention of sharing the importance of voting in November’s presidential election. The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips reviewed the documentary as one that “gives every imminent 2020 voter a lot to absorb and to admire and does so with tact and concision.”

The cast includes “a charismatic owner of the last tavern polling place in the US, an Alaskan family that travels miles of snow-covered roads by dogsled to reach their polling place, an iconic American investor who devotes his Election Day to transporting voters in Omaha needing a ride to vote, a gospel-singing physician who heals and empowers disenfranchised citizens in rural South Carolina and a former felon, casting an emotional vote in Kentucky for the first time since his right to vote was restored.”

The release of “One Vote” champions Americans to take action and vote this year as well as addresses the need for safe access to voting in minority communities. One character, Warren Buffett, gives a new and diverse perspective on voting in America that causes the viewer to rethink their experience in voting. 

Doeg’s film, “One Vote,” launched on August 8 of this year and is available for streaming on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play. More information about the documentary can be found here.