Curb Event Center Announces April 26 OUTCRY Tour Event

Line-Up Includes Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, Mosaic MSC, Vertical Worship With Speaker Christine Caine

Belmont University’s Curb Event Center announced today that the OUTCRY Experience and Tour will be on campus April 26. Offering a number of different experiences, including workshops and Q&A sessions, the event promises to be both education and inspiration for attendees.

OUTCRY began four years ago and revolves around the power of the local church, said Ryan Romeo, creative director for the OUTCRY Tour. “This year we found ourselves responding to a common question, where is the church going? Our answer this year is simple and is ultimately the theme for the year. The Church is going to the lost. The broken. The hurt of the world. Jesus has commissioned and chosen us to be his hands and feet. The church is going to wherever the world needs it most.”

Featuring a unique combination of artists and worship leaders, the OUTCRY: Spring 2018 Tour provides a rare opportunity to worship with a wide variety of artists and hear a message from one of the renowned speakers of the day. Artists teaming up for the OUTCRY: Spring 2018 Tour are Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, Mosaic MSC and Vertical Worship, with speaker Christine Caine.

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