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Curb College Hosts Big Machine’s Kris Lamb

The Curb Seminar, hosted by Belmont’s Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, welcomed Kris Lamb from Big Machine Label Group to speak about his career in the music industry. Lamb shared his experiences as a student at Belmont and the work he has done since. He also gave insight on working in promotions and how to get radio airplay.

During the event, Lamb discussed his journey into the music industry. Lamb’s first internship was at Curb Records through Belmont and his first job was with Curb Music Publishing where he “worked with a ton of cool cats and really loved publishing.” He was noticed by the industry for his hard work and eventually began working for Lyric Street with many artists including Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift. He advised students to do everything they can to get recognized and to possess a type of mentality that shows you are going to work hard and passionately.

When asked about working in promotions, Lamb shared that airplay is a ruling factor in the music industry, and to achieve that airplay, the artist must be as exposed as possible. He explained the process as first positioning the product in the best possible light, then going to the program directors in charge of airplay with that product. He stated that each project requires a “different life cycle and different strategy” for getting the artist exposed to the public and radio stations.

Lamb shared that what keeps industries able to evolve is finding artists that are unique and compelling rather than artists that are a derivative of another. He explained that his job is to present promotions as the authority and to plant seeds station to station for artists to grow and get heard. Lamb concluded by telling students to find what they are passionate about, then seek it out and to work hard while paying attention to available opportunities. He was introduced by James Elliot, chair of The Curb College Songwriting Program.

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