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CSM Hosts Middle Collegiate Division of the Tennessee Academy of Science

Students pose with their awards after the TAS AwardsThe College of Sciences & Mathematics hosted the Middle Collegiate Division of the Tennessee Academy of Science on April 8. Nearly 30 students, mostly undergraduates, presented their research, 22 of which were Belmont students. Fisk University, Tennessee Tech, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State and Sewanee were also represented. Belmont faculty Drs. Rachel Rigsby, Darlene Panvini, Lori McGrew, Matt Heard, John Niedzwiecki, Justin Stace and Danny Biles coordinated the event and served as session judges.

The Tennessee Academy of Science promotes scientific research, educational opportunities and communication among those engaged with the sciences, particularly within Tennessee.

Belmont had multiple students receive presentation awards:

Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics Session

  • “Cavity ring-down spectroscopy of gas-phase ions prepared via electrospray ionization” — Bailey S. Rose*, Libby L. Ligon* and Thomas G. Spence, second place
  • Synthesis, characterization, and unusual solvation and luminescent properties of terbium amine complexes” — Libby Ligon* and Justin Stace, third place

Bio I: Ecology/Zoology/Botany Session

  • “Decomposition rates of Acer saccharum and Lonicera maackii in mixed litter bags” — Anna Anderson* and Darlene Panvini, first place (tie)
  • “The effects of isoflurane on learning and spatial memory in Danio rerio” — Curtis Brown* and Lori McGrew, first place (tie)
  • “The effect of prey size on its antipredator behavior in a snail crayfish system” — Joanna Sorrell and John Niedzwiecki, third place

Bio II:  Cellular/Micro/Health Med. Sciences

  • “Expansion on the nematode scent detection test: evaluating elegans attraction to non-small cell lung cancer” — Brian R. Song* and Robert Grammer, first place
  • Treatment effects of emetine on HCT-116 cells” — Kerry Sommers*, second place
  • The effect of piracetam on Danio rerio with ethanol-induced memory impairment” — Mohamed Darwish* and Lori McGrew, third place
  • Caffeine’s effect on the chemotaxis of elegans after a short exposure time” — Madeline Johnson* and Robert Grammer, honorable mention

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