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Commercial Music Student Performs Background Vocals on Katy Perry Single

Belmont University commercial music major Caroline Kasay was recently selected to provide background vocals (BGVs) on Katy Perry’s Christmas single, “Cozy Little Christmas,” an opportunity she received from a Belmont connection. This fall, the School of Music received two student scholarships for TenTwoSix Music Group’s InSession Class from the organization. Kasay received one of those scholarships, and thanks to the connections made there, she was asked to sing on Perry’s single.

For Kasay, the opportunity to continue learning her craft in this way was incredibly significant. “It was an absolute blast,” she said. “Everyone was so kind, focused and welcoming that we still meet up for fun sometimes just to spend time together. It’s a job, so we never wasted time, and everyone came prepared, making it a remarkable experience.”

Longterm, Kasay hopes to make music that changes people’s lives. “I would love to someday be the voice of a Disney princess or perform on Broadway while writing and recording my own music,” she said. “More than anything, I want to be a light for Jesus Christ in everything that I do.”

Looking towards the Christmas season, she is excited to hear the song in her car and with her family. “I smile every time I hear it,” she said. “I can’t help but dance along when it comes on. I thank God every time I hear it for the incredible gifts He has blessed me with in Nashville and the amazing people that He has brought into my life.”

Co-Founder of TenTwoSix Music Group Laura Cooksey spoke highly of Kasay and her talents, calling her a “gem.” “She’s incredibly gifted, she has a very strong work ethic and her willing, warm spirit is really the icing on the cake,” Cooksey said. “Our goal in offering scholarships for our In Session class to local college students was really two fold. It was a way for us to invest in students pursuing a professional singing career, but it was also, in part, for the purpose of identifying great singers and she is certainly that…We look forward to working with her more in the future. She has an incredibly bright future ahead of her.”


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