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Collaborative Effort Brings New Additions to Lila Bunch Library

library3.jpgConstruction is currently underway to bring a new dining option to the Lila D. Bunch Library, along with other improvements.
Belmont’s Student Government Association (SGA) has been working to enhance the library experience for many years. Thankfully, library staff and leadership of the Lila D. Bunch Library have been helpful each step of the way in working to make the library a better place for students. The idea for a café has been discussed for the past three years, but no concrete decisions were made. Since then, benchmarking, library usage and other research data were collected.
The building of the as-yet-unnamed café has been made possible because of the partnership between SGA, Senior Leadership, the Bunch Library and Student Services. SGA has worked as advocates on behalf of students with regard to the library – both in building the café and establishing a 24-hour study location in the library. Because the need of both was effectively communicated, this collaborative partnership was strengthened to better serve students.
Dr. Ernest Heard, director of library services, said, “The entire library faculty and staff are absolutely thrilled to be able to provide a café, a 24-hour study area, and eating places in the library. Also, the Sophomore Transition Center will be built over the next few weeks. All of these endeavors are part of a larger plan to transform Bunch Library into a learning commons – all in an effort to enhance the college experience of Belmont’s fantastic students.”
The Bunch Library has also recently opened its internal atriums to allow food and drinks for students throughout open hours. With the addition of the café, the Library hopes to change the feel of the building. Instead of being just a location to study or print last minute papers, the library hopes to become more of a place on campus for students to both study and spend time collaborating with peers.
(In the photo, right to left: Eric S. Deems, President; Jim Darter, Policy Review Committee Chairman; Kevin Sanders, Vice President – SGA 2010-2011)

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