CNN Features Alumnus Perspective on Pandemic’s Impact on the Arts

Pudenz in his home studio
Nashville, Tenn. - Kyle Pudenz, a violinist, songwriter, and arranger, poses for a portrait inside his home. In March of last year, a tornado ripped through Pudenz??? backyard, felling three trees, wrecking his roof and carport, and warping a side door. Kyle was sheltering in a tiny hall closet at the time. ???As it turned out, that was hardly the issue that I was going to be dealing with.??? Two weeks later, his gigs started falling apart when the coronavirus spread in the US. He was able to get by with livestreaming and putting more attention onto writing and arranging music at his home studio. CREDIT: William DeShazer

Belmont violin alumnus Kyle Pudenz was recently featured in a CNN article on COVID’s impact on the performing arts.

Pudenz, a violinist, songwriter and arranger, shares his experience after the 2020 tornado in Nashville under the subhead, “Emerging from the Storm” in “Covid hit Nashville hard. Now the performing arts are staging a comeback.”

He discusses the immediate impact of the storm and COVID, from losing planned gigs and having to quit a recently-launched business venture with his father handcrafting and selling electric violins. He made it through by performing a weekly web series “Music Saving Musicians,” grants, crowdfunded projects and the CARES act until he was able to piece together work once live shows returned.

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