Christian’s Works Published

School of Religion Adjunct Professor Mark A. Christian (’94) has published four entries in volume seven of the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, a projected 30-volume project. Two journal articles, “Permutations of Astarte: Introduction” and Phoenician Maritime Religion: Sailors, Goddess Worship, and the Grotta Regina” are published in print (Die Welt des Orients 43/2) and online.  Another essay, “Mediterranean Grottos and Phoenician Maritime Expressions of Religion” for Mélanges Josette Elayi: Phéniciens d’Orient et d’Occident, Collège de France is in the proofs stage. Christian has been invited to contribute an essay “Phoenician Deities within a Persian Period Mercenary Naval Force,” for the volume Religion in the Persian Period: Emerging Judaisms and other Trends, Orientalische Religionen in der Antike series, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen. A completed monograph “Torah beyond Sinai,” which treats personalities associated with biblical law, is under review.