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Chinese Cultural Club Holds First Event

One of Belmont’s newest student organizations, the Chinese Cultural Club, held its first event on April 1. “Explore China,” a general overview lecture on Chinese history, government, economics, and pop culture, was designed by the officers of the Chinese Cultural Club as a gateway into Chinese culture for the average college student. The speaker, Jason Wu, is a sophomore at Belmont. He was born and raised in Shanghai, China, until he moved to the United States three years ago. Since then, he has acted as a Chinese language interpreter at Vanderbilt Hospital as well as a tutor for Belmont’s Chinese classes.

His lecture “Explore China” extracted laughter and curiosity from the packed Multimedia Hall in the Lila D. Bunch Library, a room with a capacity of 135 people. His presentation included information about the Communist Party in China, the population and its ethnic groups, the daily life of the student, food and festivals and the One-Child Policy.

His lecture is the first in a series of convocation programs that the Club is launching. The April 8 convocation will feature a panel discussing economics, current affairs, and government in China. The panel will include Dr. Dennis Chen, an international business professor, Dr. Shelly Xia, a visiting English professor from Zhengzhou University, and Jason Wu. The panel will be held at 10 a.m. in the Beaman A&B, where the intent is to raise interesting and vital issues to cultural diffusion.


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