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Bulla Presents at International Audio Engineering Conference

Wesley BullaCollege of Entertainment and Music Business Professor Dr. Wesley Bulla recently presented the lead-off academic research paper in audio perception at the Audio Engineering Society’s 139th International Conference in New York.

Titled “Detection of High-Frequency Harmonics in a Complex Tone,” Bulla’s paper is based on the premise that musical harmonics, out of range of our hearing, might influence our perception. The experiment, a spin-off from Belmont’s Auditory Perception and Hearing Science class, is the result of two listening tests investigating student and professional audio engineer thresholds for differences in timbre and seeking an influence of high-frequency harmonic content on timbre perception in light of hype around the advent of consumer high-resolution audio.

Reviewers of the paper stated, “The topic is very important in the Audio Engineering Society considering the current movement to the high immersive audio reproduction.” For more information click here.

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