Bright Places in Top 12 at the American Forensics Association National Tournament

Belmont_at_AFA.jpgBelmont freshman Nicole Bright placed in the top 12 in “After Dinner Speaking” at the American Forensics Association’s (AFA) National Tournament this past weekend. This is only the second time that Belmont has competed in the AFA tournament, the most rigorous and competitive tournament in collegiate forensics. Nicole was one of only two students from Tennessee to place. Belmont had six students qualify in 16 events for AFA. To qualify, students had to make finals at three separate tournaments with their three top awards totaling no more than eight (thus, having three 3rd place awards would add up to nine and would not qualify one to compete at the AFA tournament). Two coaches and four students traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin for the four-day tournament. Participants included Jason Stahl, director of forensics, Ryan Greenawalt, assistant coach, Nicole Bright, Eric Schoen, Bethany Miller and Kate Tully. According to Stahl, “Merely qualifying for the AFA national tournament is difficult. Placing in the top 12 of the 140 top national competitors is a huge accomplishment and a first for Belmont University.”