Blash Participates in Expert Panel for HIMSS Certification Examination

Anthony Blash forms Healthcare Informatics Group

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Dr. Anthony Blash and 8 other experts in Clinical Informatics met this summer to form the 2018 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Jobs Analysis Workgroup. Using data gathered from hundreds of participants, the group met over two days in June at the HIMSS Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland to begin the process of updating the scope and content of the HIMSS Certification Examinations.

In order to keep pace with changes in the industry, the content representing the standard for HIMSS certificate holders must be updated every few years. The Certified Associate in Healthcare and Information Management Systems (CAHIMS) and Certified Professional in Healthcare and Information Management Systems (CPHIMS) are designed to bridge the IT and clinical roles that come together to leverage technology solutions for improved clinical outcomes and business operations. To learn more about the HIMSS Certification programs, visit the HIMSS website.