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Biology Student, Professor Filmed by Japan’s Largest Television Broadcaster

Biology professor Dr. Robert Grammer and student Brian Song were recently filmed by The Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) for their research on nematodes’ response to cancer cells. Grammer and Song have been experimenting with the nematode C. elegans as a part of Song’s undergraduate research project for Belmont’s Department of Biology. NHK, Japan’s largest television broadcaster, will show its footage of the two as part of its upcoming program on cancer treatment set to broadcast on October 17.

Several representatives from NHK arrived on Belmont’s campus from New York City on September 27 to film Grammer and Song. The film crew interviewed Grammer in his office on the third floor of the Janet Ayers Academic Center and then shot footage of him and Song recreating their experiment in the lab. A separate interview was conducted with Song.

Research on C. elegans in Belmont’s undergraduate biology program has been conducted previously by 2016 spring graduate Parker Tumlin, who is now attending medical school. Tumlin’s research involved conducting a dose-dependent experiment to test the response of wild-type C. elegans to medium used to sustain HeLa cells, a cervical cancer cell line. Song has been working under Grammer’s supervision to continue Tumlin’s experiments by testing whether there is an attraction between C. elegans and lung cancer cells.

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