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Biology Faculty & Students Participate in TAS Meeting

Bob Grammer, Steve Murphree, Darlene Panvini, Nick Ragsdale, Jennifer Thomas and several other Department of Biology faculty presented or served in leadership roles at the 2011 Tennessee Academy of Science Annual Meeting held Oct. 28 in Jackson, Tenn. The meeting was hosted by Union University. Grammer, Panvini and Thomas presented in the Science and Math Teaching Technical session on various aspects of the biology science curriculum and outreach. Ragsdale chaired the Health and Medical Science Technical session. Murphree is treasurer of TAS and assisted with registration and other meeting details.

Belmont faculty presentations included:

  • Seminar in Biology: An Introduction to the Department for New Majors. Jennifer Thomas
  • Development and Facilitation of Two Inquiry-Based Environmental Science Case Studies for High School Outreach. Darlene Panvini
  • An Undergraduate Research Program on Chemotaxis in C. Elegans. Robert Grammer
  • Seventeen biology undergraduate research students also went to the meeting, presented posters, and attended presentations from graduate students and faculty from a wide variety of Tennessee schools.
  • Belmont student posters included:
  • Effects of Allelopathic Intraspecific Competition n Growth of Privet, Ligustrum Sinense. Kelly Casarez* and Darlene Panvini
  • Treating Salmonella Typhimurium Infected Danio Rerio with Antibiotics and Homeopathic Remedies. Ashley Newsome, Jennifer T. Thomas and Lori L McGrew
  • Spectrophotometric Determination of Respiration Rates In C. Elegans. Monique Parrish* and Robert Grammer
  • Role of Pmk-1 and Pcd Pathways In C. Elegans Infectected with E. Faecium. Azad Karim* and Nick Ragsdale
  • Metabolic Changes in Ceanrhabditis Elegans Infected with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa or Staphylococcus Aureus. Laura Muck* and Nick Ragsdale
  • Role of Daf-2 Insulin/Igf-I Like and P38 Map Kinase Pathways in Ceanorhabditis Elegans Infected with Salmonellae Typhimurium. Roxy Musharrafeia* and Nick Ragsdale
  • The Effects of D1 And D2-Like Dopamine Receptors on the Chemotaxis of Ceanorhabditis Elegans. Sylvia Chac* and Nick Ragsdale
  • Effects of 6-Ohda on the Chemotaxis of Ceanorhabditis Elegans. Samera Berhane* and Nick Ragsdale
  • Infection Rates of Trypanosoma Cruzi in Wildlife from Rural Areas of Middle Tennessee. Rachel K. Serfass*, RaeAnne N. Lauffer, and C. Steven Murphree
  • Infection Rates of Trypanosoma Cruzi in Wildlife from Suburban Areas of Middle Tennessee. Raeanne N. Lauffer*, Rachel K. Serfass, And C. Steven Murphree
  • Repellent Properties of Stone Mint, Cunila Origanoides, Against the American Dog Tick, Dermacentor Variabilis. Elizabeth R. Thorndike* and C. Steven Murphree
  • Preferred Microhabitat Conditions for Centruroides Vittattus in Middle Tennessee. Ryan P. Baker* and C. Steven Murphree
  • Treating Danio Rerio with the Neurotoxin 6-Ohda to Study Movement Deficits. Tristan Daniel and Lori L McGrew
  • Habitat and Resource Partitioning among Centarchid Sunfish in a Middle Tennessee Stream. Philip Parsley* and John Niedzwiecki
  • Effects of Riparian Tree Canopy on Water Quality and the Occurrence of Waterpennies (Beetle Larvae) in the Little Harpeth River. Jordan Murray* and Darlene Panvini
  • Terrestrial Animal Diversity in Two Middle Tennessee Freshwater Wetlands. Megan DeVries* and Darlene Panvini
  • Phylogeographic Comparison of Centruroides Vittatus Populations in Middle Tennessee and Central Arkansas. Thomas A. Homonnay*, John H. Niedzwiecki J and C. Steven Murphree

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