Big Yellow Dog Music Representatives Discuss Pitching Songs for Sync

On March 27, Big Yellow Dog Music Company Co-Owner Carla Wallace and Manager of Film/TV Sync Alex Stefano visited the Curb College to share their expertise on pitching songs for film and television placements. Stefano, a Belmont alumna and Wallace talked with students about synchronization rights and building relationships within the industry. They shared their thoughts on the types of songs that industry professionals are currently looking for and some of the stories behind their most successful placements.

After pitching a song by artist Claire Guerreso for placement in the hit television show “Pretty Little Liars,” the song became one of the top five “Shazammed” songs for several weeks and Guerreso was offered a deal with Ultra Music. While a large amount of successful song pitching is based on strategy, Wallace and Stefano advised that the most important piece of the puzzle is simply the song itself.