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Belmont’s Alpha Chi Chapter Celebrates Newest Inductees

Belmont inducted new members last week into its chapter of Alpha Chi, which is the highest academic honor awarded by Belmont University. Its requirements are to be in the top 10 percent academically of all students, and to be of junior or senior class rank.  Alpha Chi members are nominated by the faculty and must have “outstanding moral character” and display leadership, integrity and service.  Belmont University is the Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi in Region III.  Alpha Chi was founded in 1922 and has chapters at more than 300 colleges and universities in 45 states.  Alpha Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.  The name of Alpha Chi derives from the initial letters of the Greek words meaning “Truth” and “Character.”

Associate Professor of Math Dr. Sarah Ann Fleming, who co-sponsors the Belmont chapter with Assistant Professor of English Dr. Caresse John, said, “Each semester Belmont University inducts around 60students in the TN Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi. Our induction ceremony is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of these talented students. Each inductee chooses a faculty sponsor who has been particularly influential to them during their time at Belmont to ‘pin’ them during the ceremony. Professors, families and friends honor the students being inducted into our group. Our members are the top students in all majors across the university.  It is truly an honor to be invited to join this honor society.”

Belmont’s Chapter of Alpha Chi sponsors campus events related to scholarship and service, provides leadership opportunities, attends the Alpha Chi conventions and encourages members to apply for the national scholarships awarded each year.  More information is available at

Spring 2014 Belmont Alpha Chi Inductees included:

Alessandra Alegre In Absentia

Shelby Blalock Sponsor – Nathan Adam

Jesse Bobick Sponsor – Deen Entsminger

Morgan Bryant Sponsor – Joyce Crowell

Kolton Bullard Sponsor – John Gonas

Mallory Bulkley Sponsor – Cheryl Slay

Sarah Burnette Sponsor –

Jared Conrad Sponsor – Larry Wacholtz

Justin Cutler Sponsor – Sehyun Yoo

Corbin Davidson In Absentia

Lauren Dekleva Sponsor – Deen Entsminger

Amy Draper In Absentia

Sofia El Maliki Sponsor – Kim Daus

Kristina Escue In Absentia

Stephen Fralick Sponsor – Denise Scott

Samuel Frawley Sponsor – Andrew Johnston

Kurtis Gibson In Absentia

Alison Gorrie Sponsor – Nancy Allen

Aaron Gosnell Sponsor – Alex Graham

Aubrie Grimes Sponsor – Jocelyn Fisher

William Griswold In Absentia

Kelsey Hawkins Sponsor – Sally Barton-Arwood

Jane Hefferan In Absentia

Summer Herzfeldt Sponsor – Henry Smiley

Seth Hewson Sponsor – Bonnie Smith Whitehouse

Abbey Hull Sponsor – Annette Sisson

Juliana Ireland In Absentia

Heidi Jallouk Sponsor – Beverley Alleyne

Adam James Sponsor – Rachel Rigsby

Peter Johnson Sponsor – Cheryl Slay

Jasmine Johnson Sponsor – Beverley Alleyne

James Kelley Sponsor – Steve Guthrie

Joseph Kenkel Sponsor – Pete Giordano

Tedi Knaak Sponsor – Jonathan Thorndike

Perry Lines Sponsor – Steve Guthrie

Sydney Mathieu Sponsor – Jonathan Thorndike

Madison McIntyre Sponsor – Madeline Bridges

Ian Miller Sponsor – Jeff Cornwall

Jared Mitchell Sponsor – Sandra Dudley

Casey Mueller Sponsor – Del DeVries

Cailey Norris Sponsor – Regine Schwarzmeier

Victoria Perry Sponsor – Jon Roebuck

Lisa Peterson Sponsor – Marieta Velikova

Mary Ritchea Sponsor – Deen Entsminger

Skyler Schmanski In Absentia

Natalie Seale In Absentia

Bethany Seifert Sponsor – Beverley Alleyne

Tessa Shupe Sponsor – Kim Daus

Samantha Sieks Sponsor – Beverley Alleyne

Mitchell Steele In Absentia

Sarah Terning Sponsor – Robert Gregg

Alexandria Threet Sponsor – Stephanie Adlington

Michelle Walker Sponsor – Suzanne Lindsey

Savannah Weeks Sponsor – Jocelyn Fisher

Miranda West Sponsor – Glenn Acree

Mallory White Sponsor – Daniel Biles

Ashley Wilson Sponsor – Mark Maxwell

Kelsey Wise Sponsor – Jonathan Thorndike

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